“Journey of Haha” is a mobile game currently being developed for Android devices. It’s a puzzle/adventure game where you move from room to room. Each room is a self contained puzzle that you have to solve in order to move on to the next one. The gameplay style is influenced by a very old school game on the original NES console, “Adventures of Lolo.”


Journey of Haha Screenshot 1

Early screenshot of the very first room of the game. No enemies or dangers present here, but look at those beautiful 2D shadows!

The gameplay premise is simple enough; You control the protagonist, her name is “Haha”, as you gather a few collectibles in each room (see the Key items above). Once you collect each, the chest opens and reaching the chest opens the door to the next room. However, there will be obstacles that block your path; enemies will shoot at you or chase you down. You can’t fight the enemies, you have to use your brain to block their path or block their line of sight so they can’t get you.

Release date is TBD. Rating will be equivalent to an ESRB “E” rating.


UPDATE – Additional Details

Journey of Haha will be released on Android and iOS devices. Cost is expected to be $1.99

Expected release date is Q3 of 2016