Journey of Haha (Mobile) Support

How does this game play?
In Journey of Haha, you must complete room after room of mind-bending puzzles and challenges. Journey of Haha has 60 rooms, each room is an individual puzzle. The puzzles get increasingly more challenging, introducing new powers, enemies, and obstacles.

The basic rules for every room are the same. Every room has sparkling collectible items. You must gather all of them. Doing so will open a chest. You must reach the chest in order to open the door and advance to the next room.

The rules are simple, but there are many enemies and challenges to overcome.

How do the controls work?
Slide your finger anywhere on the screen. Doing so will activate a virtual joystick that lets you move Haha up, down, left, or right.

In most rooms you will encounter special collectible items. You must still gather these to open the chest, but they will additionally give you a new power with a limited number of uses.You almost always need these to overcome the challenges of the room.

This room in unsolvable! Help!
Of course it is! There’s always a solution. Try paying close attention to every enemy and every collectible at the start of the room. Nothing will attack or hurt you until you move for the first time, so you always have time to study the layout of the room first.

Every puzzle can be solved logically. You never need to try and outmaneuver enemies, or squeeze past them, or anything like that. There’s always a way to block, destroy, or avoid every enemy.

The game also has a built in Help menu. Check it out for more information on enemies, obstacles, powers, and the gameplay in general.

The game performance is poor. My frame rate is low!
Try turning off the Dynamic Shadows in the Options menu. The dynamic shadows look really cool, however they do use considerable CPU power.