Well, after months of hard work, the game is officially now in beta.

All levels and features are fully complete, now it’s just a matter of fixing bugs, optimizations, and testing the levels.

A major part of getting the game into beta was designing and completing the boss levels at the end of the game. Your battle with the final boss encompass four entire rooms, each one introducing a new element of the boss. A cool part is that the boss becomes noticeably damaged as the four levels progress, losing limbs (Don’t worry, it starts out with six!) and blowing smoke.

Six limbs? Blowing smoke? You must be wondering what on earth does Haha run into at the top of the tower. I haven’t decided whether or not I want to spoil the final boss’ appearance yet. But rest assured, it’s pretty big and pretty cool.

Other features now present in the beta version include:

A total of 60 levels

  • One extra power for Haha
  • Help menu
  • A rating system that awards you between 1 and 3 stars, depending on your performance in each level
  • An epilogue for the story

I’m very excited that the game is quickly approaching completion. Stay tuned!